About Us

Our company has undergone huge expansion since its beginnings in 2007. In 2013 we moved up to 36,000 sq ft unit and again in 2017 expand to our current 46,000 sq ft premises.

MPS was founded in 2006 by Alan Charlton and Iain Mcleod, who have both previously worked in the plastics packaging and moulding industry, over the years they have managed to amass over 60 years of knowledge and experience in plastic packaging, moulding and manufacturing.

They developed MPS to have a flexible manufacturing base to allow the business to best react to customers’ requirements.  At MPS we’re proud to be one of the few remaining independant UK based manufacturers in this sector, and we believe this offers key benefits to our customers.

In 2009 the company was awarded Northumberland Business of the Year, and subsequently in 2015 was awarded Northumberland Large Business of the Year.

The company continues to invest in equipment and personnel to expand production capabilities, to improve the customer experience, ensure flexibility and maintain production efficiencies.  We have taken many steps over the years to reduce the carbon footprint of the business,  buying modern energy efficient machines,  sourcing green energy and ensuring our waste streams are handled in an environmentally friendly manner.

MPS has implemented ISO9001:2015 Quality System and in 2018 decided to further enhance the quality system with BRCGS Packaging Global Standard,   with the company achieving  AA grade at the first attempt and maintaining it through to our most recent audit.

MPS started manufacturing in 2007 from a 6000 sq ft unit in South Northumberland, and it was quickly realised that further expansion would be required to meet demand, so a second warehouse unit was added to expand the business to 12000 sq ft, before finally moving to our current premises in Blyth, which cover approximately 36000sq ft (3350 sq m),  This site was further extended in 2017 to include a further 10,000 sq ft of warehousing.

Today the Northumberland based business, which not only supplies products around the UK, but also exports to countries worldwide, including Australia, America, and throughout Europe, has built a reputation amongst customers for great quality, service, and for being approachable and responsive to their needs.

“since the company’s inception we have been passionate about the local area, and we have continually invested in equipment, moulds, and our production facilities to create a stable employment base for our local workforce”

Alan Charlton – Managing Director

“since the company started manufacturing in 2007 we have invested significantly in our people improving our skill and knowledge base to allow the business to thrive. The company has continually commited to investment in machinery, moulds and equipment to expand our product offering and improve our ability to deliver to customers . We have expanded many times over the years and it has always been our goal to build a stable business to support our local community and the wider economy.”