Square/Gripper Plastic Containers

If you require containers with a secure grip and durability, our Square Gripper Plastic Containers are the answer. Designed for easy handling and transportation.

Key Features

  • Grip Handles: Square gripper containers come with ergonomic handles, making them easy to carry and transport.
  • Stackable: Like our other containers, they are stackable for efficient storage.
  • Diverse Uses: Ideal for a variety of confectionery and food items, including bulk sweets and nuts.
  • Reusability: Their sturdy construction allows for multiple uses, reducing waste.

At our plastic container factory in the UK, we prioritise quality, versatility, and customisation to meet the unique needs of the food and confectionery market. Whether you need round, square, slimline, or custom-shaped containers, we have the perfect packaging solution for your products. Explore our categories and enhance your packaging with our high-quality plastic containers and lids.